Monday, February 22, 2010

Good news!

I am a horrible blogger! Especially now. Waiting, and waiting, and...well you get it. I am ever so hopeful for my next cycle. I think it has been good to take a break and forget about trying to have a baby for a little while. I am starting to really wonder about taking holidays though from work. I know people have put in their holidays for the summer already and I have not. I am hoping getting the time off won't be a big deal. I wonder if the clinic will let me take the BCP for scheduling purposes on my end!

Anyways, for the good news! My new medical plan through work is fantastic! It covers 100% naturopathy, and acupuncture for up to $300. So not huge, but definitely a help. also covers 80% of fertility drugs!! With no maximum limit!! YAHOO!! It will save us about $2500!

I also filed our taxes on Friday night and we are expecting a $4500 return! Talk about helping us out with IVF#2!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Plan of Attack

I met with my RE today and formed a new plan of attack. She is going to have the nurses check over my chart to make sure everything is in place for another cycle. In early April, I will make an appointment to meet with them to go over the new protocol. Finally, in May or June I will start another fresh cycle on the atagonist protocol - possibly BCPs, Repronex, Puregon, and Orgalutron. I feel renewed hope, and my RE does too. She said that we are young healthy individuals and should expect great success rates with a new cycle. Now, just have to wait until May!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Distraction

My MIL has decided that she is going to take us on a vacation. We are going to go somewhere tropical over New Years. Now, we just need to choose a vacation spot. Jamaica? Cuba? Bahamas? Hawaii? So many choices! At least I will have something constructive to research, rather than researching imaginary pregnancy symptoms! Although, I have to admit, I already figured out how far along I would be if we did our IVF in May/June. If I happen to get pregnant with twins, the trip would be off - I would be too far along. I sure hope everything works out in my favor.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Naturopathic Doctors?

I have never seen a naturopathic doctor, but am interested in going for an assessment to see what they tell me. But, how do I know I found a good ND? What should I be looking for when I go? Naturopathy is a whole new world for me, but one worth exploring. Maybe I have immune issues preventing me from getting pregnant? I just want to have the best shot possible with my next fresh cycle. I am trying to eat healthy and exercise. I am remembering to take my prenatals every day. I am keeping busy and relatively stress free with work. I want to be pregnant, I want to start a family.

If anyone is reading, please leave me a comment on your experience with an ND if you have had any!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't I Look Like a Natural!?

This is my nephew Jacob, almost three months old. Don't I look like a natural? I think I would suit motherhood!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Adoption versus Another Kick at the IVF Can..

Whenever we tell people we are having troubles conceiving, they always suggest adoption - "Why don't you JUST adopt?" You can't JUST adopt. It doesn't work that way. DH and I are not against adoption, but when the cost to adopt a newborn is the same as another try at IVF, why not try and have a child of our own. I get mad when people suggest adoption (not because it is bad) because I get mad at my body for not getting pregnant.

I long to be a mother, but I also want to experience pregnancy and labor, just like many other women get to. I have also realized that patience is a virtue and one that I need to learn. I am learning, just slowly. I still want to be a mom but know that maybe I just need to wait a few more months. We will do another fresh cycle, but need to get some finances in order first. I am also going to try and lose a bit of weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

Hopefully come May, we will be able to cycle again (with better results than last time)! Now if only I could find some money...or win the lottery! Accepting donations!!!