Sunday, January 17, 2010

Adoption versus Another Kick at the IVF Can..

Whenever we tell people we are having troubles conceiving, they always suggest adoption - "Why don't you JUST adopt?" You can't JUST adopt. It doesn't work that way. DH and I are not against adoption, but when the cost to adopt a newborn is the same as another try at IVF, why not try and have a child of our own. I get mad when people suggest adoption (not because it is bad) because I get mad at my body for not getting pregnant.

I long to be a mother, but I also want to experience pregnancy and labor, just like many other women get to. I have also realized that patience is a virtue and one that I need to learn. I am learning, just slowly. I still want to be a mom but know that maybe I just need to wait a few more months. We will do another fresh cycle, but need to get some finances in order first. I am also going to try and lose a bit of weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

Hopefully come May, we will be able to cycle again (with better results than last time)! Now if only I could find some money...or win the lottery! Accepting donations!!!

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