Monday, February 22, 2010

Good news!

I am a horrible blogger! Especially now. Waiting, and waiting, and...well you get it. I am ever so hopeful for my next cycle. I think it has been good to take a break and forget about trying to have a baby for a little while. I am starting to really wonder about taking holidays though from work. I know people have put in their holidays for the summer already and I have not. I am hoping getting the time off won't be a big deal. I wonder if the clinic will let me take the BCP for scheduling purposes on my end!

Anyways, for the good news! My new medical plan through work is fantastic! It covers 100% naturopathy, and acupuncture for up to $300. So not huge, but definitely a help. also covers 80% of fertility drugs!! With no maximum limit!! YAHOO!! It will save us about $2500!

I also filed our taxes on Friday night and we are expecting a $4500 return! Talk about helping us out with IVF#2!!

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